With the help of our calculator, you can make an approximate calculation in a matter of seconds of how much it would cost to install the JOBBFOLIA heating system in your property.

Enter the floor area of the property to be heated and our calculator will automatically calculate the approximate investment cost. If you choose the solar option, you can see the energy demand and its expected costs. By selecting the thermal insulation options, we can further specify the size of the required heating system.

The values provided by the online designer are for information purposes only and do not constitute as an offer.

Enchant yourself with truly "healthy-warmth" with JOBBFOLIA!

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Our prices for on-site work

On-site survey 20 000 HUF + VAT

If necessary, our specialists will go to the site within the territory of Hungary and, after an accurate survey, will prepare our offer for your property.

Emergency construction 75 000 HUF + VAT

If necessary, we will carry out the construction within 3 working days of the order.

Emergency error correction 20 000 HUF + VAT

In case of need, disembarkation within 3 working days after the error report.

System inspection 25 000 HUF + VAT

If necessary, we will review a change of ownership or a system that has not been used for an extended period of time, review performance, and prepare documentation of these results, which we will pass on to the property owner.

Inspection, re-commissioning 30 000 HUF + VAT

Disembarkation fee in case of a problem other than a warranty defect.

Reconstruction commissioning 20 000 HUF + VAT / room

In case of reconstruction, replacement of the cover, we will inspect and then re-install your heating system, without loss of warranty.

Thermostat replacement 15 000 HUF + VAT

Warranty overdue thermostat replacement on site.

Expert’s report 25 000 HUF + VAT

In case of elementary damage, an on-site survey and expert opinion for the insurer.

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