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Jobbfolia Partner application
If you would like to be a partner, please read our philosophical view carefully first and only fill out our application form if you can identify as much as possible with our views after reading it.


Our philosophical view


Even after its establishment, our company has taken the view that the first and most important thing is to serve our customers to the best of our knowledge.

Of course, business considerations were also important and are still important to us today, but not the most important.

So we are only willing to work with partners and employees who don’t just put business opportunity and interests first.

If you are motivated only by money, we don’t need you! We only want to work with you if you take on the hard work, the many challenges, and our view that the customer must always, to the maximum satisfaction, in all circumstances.

For us, the most important thing is that our customers talk about us and the cooling and heating products we sell for 10-30 years.

With us, in all cases, new partners can only do activities on their own after hard training, and after going through the “ladder”, they can be successful salespeople and even take possession of their own, independent showroom.

If you can agree with these views, then and only then are we waiting for your application!

Our ideal image of our partners

  • you love challenges and you don’t like to be bored
  • you love hard work and not motivated by MONEY
  • you like to work in a ready-made system, but you can also make decisions on your own
  • you love new and innovative technologies
  • ready or hard to work for months to be successful and even have your own business

Application process

Fill out the application form and press the SUBMIT button.

After that, our staff will contact you within 30 days.

Partner application


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