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Digital Home Kft. (Hereinafter Distributor or Contractor) is a business company dealing with the sale and installation of electric heating systems and General construction. The Distributor is obliged to install the products detailed in this contract and the Tender Summary attached to it and to perform the related services included in it in the highest possible professional standard, taking full account of the regulations arising from the nature of the given task and the Customer’s needs.

Planning and quotations

Distributor of heating systems and, when planning works, designs and installs its heating systems in first-class quality or carries out construction works in accordance with the applicable building regulations. When designing and dimensioning the heating systems, the Distributor shall dimension the heating system on the basis of the usage methods, technical parameters and energy calculations provided by the Customer in accordance with – 7/2006. (V. 24.) TNM Taking into account the temperature values determined on the basis of the Decree on the Determination of the Energy Characteristics of Buildings, if the Customer does not require a different dimensioning (heating capacity). If the nature and heat demand of the existing or planned structure is different in reality and the information provided by the Customer for the design does not cover the reality, the Distributor disclaims all liability arising from this.


You can place your order in writing by sending a confirmation letter to the e-mail address, by accepting the technical content of the Offer Summary and the terms and conditions of the GTC, or by paying the advance in person. Distributor shall install the heating system or perform its construction works after prior appointment with the Customer or its construction contractor.

By ordering and / or signing the contract, the Customer agrees that he is aware of all information related to the technology and that no damage can be attributed to the Contractor due to any lack of information in the future.

Technical preparations

During the order, the Distributor provides the Customer with information on the technical preparations required for the installation of the systems, which is a condition for the installation or construction of the heating system. If these conditions are not or only partially available, the Distributor is entitled to refuse the work or, after prior agreement, to transfer the material and labor costs of the additional work required for installation or construction to the Customer. If the system or work indicated and planned in the Tender Summary is modified during construction for technical or other reasons, the Distributor shall agree in advance with the Customer on the technical details and financial implications thereof. The costs of the quantitative change expressly requested by the Customer or approved on the basis of the above shall be paid by the Customer to the Distributor during the installation work.

Payment terms

The installed systems and fees will be invoiced in the manner and amount specified in the Offer Summary. After accepting the offer, the customer finalizes his order by paying an advance payment, against an invoice, in cash, by credit card payment or by bank transfer. Payment of the advance is considered a deposit, which both parties agree to.

The amount of the advance will be credited during settlement.

The total amount for the infrared heating system must be transferred to the Customer no later than 15 working days before the start of construction. Ownership of the products incorporated during the works shall be retained by the Distributor until full payment. If the construction fails due to an error attributable to the Customer, he is obliged to notify the Distributor at least 5 working days before the start of the construction. If this is not done, the Distributor is entitled to charge the Customer an additional cost equal to 50% of the amount of the wage, at least HUF 30,000 net. In addition to paying the same fees, the customer is also obliged to reimburse the disembarkation fee if the installation site and the preparations do not allow for the professional construction and delivery of the heating system.

In all cases, the construction site must be prepared on the basis of the pre-installation instructions sent by the Distributor. In case of missed work due to an error attributable to the Distributor, the Distributor is obliged to fully refund the full fee paid by the Customer in the form of an advance.


After the installation and trial commissioning of the heating systems, the distributor or his subcontractor is obliged to hand over the system to the Customer after signing the certificate of performance, as well as to provide the measurement report and operating instructions.

Warranty Conditions

Distributor undertakes a 10-year warranty from the date of the technical handover and the certificate of performance for the proper operation of the installed equipment and accessories (in the case of infrared heating installation). In the case of construction work, the Contractor undertakes the statutory warranty period. The warranty does not cover mechanical damage after the handover, damage caused by electrical network anomalies (voltage fluctuations, improper electrical preparation, etc.), damage to the thermal or water insulation of the boundary structures, or damage to the boundary structures. failures due to ‘foreign intervention’ in the system. The Distributor undertakes a guarantee only for the installed products, not for their delivery or for the removal and installation of the thermostat. The cost of disembarkation required for the removal of the product is borne by the customer.

Withdrawal from the order

The Customer undertakes that after the order and payment, if he wishes to cancel the order, only and exclusively the gross amount of the labor fee will be refunded to the customer, even if the installation has not yet taken place. In this case, the products purchased by him will be delivered by GLS courier service at the customer’s expense.

The Customer also undertakes that if more than 2 weeks elapse between the order and the execution, the Contractor has the right to charge a storage fee for the refund of the work fee, which may be deducted from the work fee to be refunded.

Storage costs

The Contractor undertakes to store the materials necessary for the performance of the works free of charge until the date of construction, if the Customer has paid the fee for the ordered works.

Exemption is valid for a maximum of 3 months, after which the Customer must request additional exemption in writing.

Storage cost at the end of the fee-free period: 1,500 HUF / day + VAT

Other provisions

The parties are obliged to keep confidential any information from the other party that comes to their knowledge in connection with the implementation of the provisions of this agreement, and they also undertake not to disclose the information thus obtained to a third party. This applies in particular to the technical content, calculations and plans published during the design of the systems distributed by the Distributor, which is the copyrighted content of the Distributor. The Parties declare that they will seek an amicable settlement of any disputes arising out of this Agreement. Should a dispute between the parties be brought to court, the parties stipulate – depending on their jurisdiction – the exclusive jurisdiction of the Baranya County Court. The parties state that with regard to issues not regulated here, the Civil Code. and the provisions of Act LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright, as amended several times. the provisions of this Act shall apply.

Use of built-in products

By signing the contract, the Customer agrees that he / she has learned exactly how to handle the products installed in his / her property and handles it in accordance with the regulations. Otherwise, if the Distributor has to disembark at the Customer’s property due to a handling error due to the fault of the Customer, he may be obliged to pay the disembarkation costs incurred. Otherwise, no restoration work will be performed.

Privacy policy

During the preparation of the offer, the Distributor treats the personal and technical data provided by the Customer confidentially and does not pass them on to third parties. An exception to this is the data provided to the subcontractor, without which the execution of the order is not feasible. An invoice will be issued for the ordered products and services, the storage of which will be stored in the manner and for the period prescribed by the applicable legislation. Customer hereby consents to the Distributor storing and using the technical content and other data provided by the customer in its own system for its own statistical analyzes and in order to maintain the standard of appropriate product support.

This is valid from 25.10.2019 until revoked.

Budapest, 2019.10.25.

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