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What amount of electro smog does it emit? Isn't this bad for your health?
The measurement of electrosmog is measured in a so-called magnetic induction, the unit of which is called tesla. Its health limit is 100 microtesla (μT).

This value of JOBBFOLIA heating film is 1.5 μT in the immediate vicinity of the film.

By comparison, the output of a vacuum cleaner is between 200-800 μT.

Thus, it can be stated with complete certainty that, according to the current state of science, the heating film has no harmful effect on the human body.

Is it possible that the ceiling heating really heats the apartment? After all, the warm air goes up.
Because with this technology we do not heat the air, but the body and objects thanks to the system, we get the same pleasant temperature as if we installed it on the floor!

This will make no difference between the temperature measured at the floor and the temperature measured at the ceiling.

What is the emitting range of JOBBFOLIA?
According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the same performance can be achieved within 5-6 meters.
What does JOBBFOLIA consist of?
The heating element used in the JOBBFOLIA is carbon, which is combined with silver paste and printed on a heat-insulating, refractory PET film, followed by a copper strip and finally a Laminex film on the whole. As a result, this technology is done using the accumulated abundance of aluminum.
What are the effects on the human body?
The emitted infrared waves and anions suppress unpleasant odors, prevent the spread of bacteria and are known to stimulate the body’s metabolism.

It is no accident that infrared technology is used in medicine. Infrared sauna, infrared lamp… etc.

Where is JOBBFOLIA the most effective?
Due to the peculiarity of the technology, it does not matter whether it is used as a floor, ceiling or wall heater. It will work just as effectively everywhere, but it is important to make sure that the effect is maximized within a distance of 5-6 meters.
Under which cover element can it be installed or is it worth installing?
It can be installed under or above any cladding element that can be used in the apartment. Concrete, laminate flooring, PVC, tile, drywall, almost anything.
What is the price per m2 of the film?
Our product is a complete heating system, with installation and a WARM HOME guarantee, which can be different between real estate and real estate. Just as no gas heater can tell you how much it costs to build a heater in m2, so you can’t say that with this technology.

Accurate calculations are required for the exact dimensions of the premises, this is the only way we can give you a suitable offer.

We need to know where, how many layers we can install, how it will be most economical for you.

What makes this heating system more efficient than any other?
Thanks to the infrared beam. It does not heat the air, i.e. it does not act like a heat radiator (radiator or any heat dissipating device), but fills the bodies and objects with energy and they give off the heat to the room.

Thus, there should be no 4-6 degree difference between the temperature measured at the ceiling or the floor.

Can I install it myself at home?
It should not be a problem for an electrician, but JOBBFÓLIA is not marketed as a meter product. In all cases, we give our customers the maximum, with a 10-year WARM HOME warranty and professional service. It is important that a professional is designed and installed by a professional to have a truly efficient heating system.
How effective against mold or moisture?
Very. We have received feedback from more than one of our clients that it has eliminated mold and moisture in the rooms. We have quite a few references for this.
How thick is the film and how much space does it take up during installation?
JOBBFOLIA itself is not thick, but we would rather call it thin, as it is 0.38mm thin. If we add to this the thermal mirror foil which is 0.5 mm and possibly even the vapor barrier foil, then the whole system is not 1 mm thin either. Thus, if it gets on the floor, it does not raise the floor level by almost anything. In case of installation on the ceiling, it is worth covering it with a plasterboard structure, which, if properly designed, takes a maximum of 5-10 cm from the ceiling height.
Why the JOBBFOLIA representation?
Our mission:

With sustainable development in mind, our durable and energy-saving products, solutions and all our knowledge, we help builders and builders build the buildings of the future.

We believe that you too deserve to have a HOME in which you can know your family and YOURSELF in SAFETY, COMFORT, and HEALTH.

The 5 outstanding activities of our company are General construction, wholesale distribution of the heating technology of the future, development of solar systems in homes and industrial facilities, innovative HEAT SHIELD based insulation technology and Premium quality LED lighting design and construction.

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Enchant yourself with truly "healthy-warmth" with JOBBFOLIA!

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