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Heating plan calculation

Based on the floor plan and data you will provide, we create a personalized heating plan for each of our customers, each point of which we modify, edit and present to you immediately. For this reason, we personally discuss each of our heating plans.

A preliminary offer requires the following

Customer details

The personal data of the customer allows us to make you a name offer. We can contact you at the contact details you have provided and we will send your quotation to the e-mail address provided.

Energy rating of a building

The better the insulation of the building, the less% it should be covered with Heatflow heating foil. An “A +” or passive house requires an average of 50% coverage, with a maximum of 70% for those with poorer insulation.

Room details

In order to make our offer, we need the dimensions of the room to be heated, which you can enter in the desired amount using the new room button.

We are also available by phone!

If you would like to consult our staff about the benefits of the heating foil and the possibilities of its use, please contact us by phone at the contact details on the contact page.

Check if you want to install it yourself and only want to buy material for your own project.

File name:

File size:

Which year do you plan to install?

Which month do you plan to install?

Please select the heating system you require.
OPTIMUM heating system - Recommended for those who pay attention to expenses and costs, but quality and guarantee are still important to them.
PREMIUM heating system - We recommend it to those who value premium quality, want the maximum of everything and the best quality.

You can set anything on the heater anywhere, anytime. There will be no more problems if you leave the heating on and there will never be another cold apartment by the time you get home. A few keystrokes and anything can be set.

If you want a solar panel, please check it.

What is your current monthly electricity bill?

Write here any requests or comments about the premises.

Add a new room and specify its dimensions. Please write the decimals separated by a period (.)! Apply as many rooms as you want to use the heating foil.

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