Ceiling heating

Easy, fast installation in just 1 day!

Ceiling Heating Layers
With proper preparation, the ceiling heating of a property can be carried out in just 1 day.

The first step is to build a properly designed drywall structure, and then we can install our heating system.

Ceiling heating is often chosen by our customers who have little free space on the floor and it is not possible to produce the right temperature in the property. This can be the case if there is a lot of furniture that would limit the operation of the self-regulating system.

And the generalization shouldn’t bother anyone that the warm air is going up. By making this technology an infrared radiant heater, the temperature in each room will be evenly distributed.

Layer order for ceiling heating

Ceiling Heating Layers


  • Ceiling
  • Insulation
  • Heat mirror
  • Plasterboard support structure
  • Plasterboard

Enchant yourself with truly "healthy-warmth" with JOBBFOLIA!

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